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This Page is important to us both because on your ‘Moving into Storage’ Day we both need everything to go exactly as arranged, with no last minute concerns!. Using the information you provide here our unique system calculates the total volume of space required, taking into account the size, weight & stackability of the items & therefore what square foot size of Storage Room will be needed. We then promptly email you our quote detailing:

* The Size & Assured Price of the Storage Room unit required to stack & fit safely, exactly as agreed.

The cost of any necessary protective or packing materials you request, and any transportation or Removal services needed.

Moving your Office Contents into our Storage Rooms – Fast Forward Removal Teams on Hourly Rates or with set prices to safely collect your items, with discounts for our storage clients.

How much Storage Space will I really need? With this easy form completed we can answer that question with the size & price of the unit you will need.

So to get an accurate quote please send us the info about your Office Contents Move into Storage, selecting only your items from the list below.

There will be no hidden charges, just a very Competitive Price for a Quality Storage Service.

Please email us to arrange a convenient time or call us FREE on 0800 45 49 53 during office hours to discuss your requirements.

If you are doing the Packing:

Fast Forward Removals can deliver the Packing Materials you need, well in advance of your Moving into Storage Day.

What happens about Insurance?

You declare the value of your Office Contents in Storage, and we can provide the Insurance Cover.

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