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We hope this guide will help you prepare for your Moving Day, and that it will minimise the stress that some people associate with moving Home or moving Office.

Please remember, we want you to have a smooth move just as much as you do! 

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Arrange a Quotation
For reliability we recommend a local professional remover who has been trading for some time & is a member of some relevant associations that insist on quality controls & standards. Members must follow strict codes of conduct to ensure they comply with all professional standards demanded. We offer an online quotation click here or you can arrange a free no obligation Home visit appointment.
Parking for Vans/Lorries on Move Day
This is most important nowadays in London as parking tickets will be issued unless authorised. Check with your local authority about your move if parking restrictions are in place at either the collection or delivery addresses, they will be able to suspend parking bays etc for you on Moving Day, please note in certain circumstances some local authorities can require up to 14 days notice.
Carpets & Electricians
Make arrangements for any carpet fitting or specialist electrical fittings etc that you are keeping & moving or new home installations are completed by professionals & the dates are booked well before Moving Day, allowing safe access to the Removers during the actual move.
Packing & Materials
If you are doing the packing yourself make sure that you get the materials in time to allow you to make steady progress. Remember, a smooth safe move needs all the packing to be completed before Move Day. Label all your boxes clearly, with the contents & the room they are to go to at the new property.

Any items of furniture that need dismantling for the move should be prepared in advance, and remember to safe keep the fixings / screws / bolts etc. You may have agreed with your mover for them to do this work, if so leave it to them.

People to be informed about your change of address
Post Office – redirect your mail / Family and Friends / Work & Colleagues Gas / Electricity / and Water Suppliers Local Council re your Council Tax / Inland Revenue Telephone Company / Cable Company / Internet Service Provider / TV License / D.V.L.A. Banks and Building Societies / Home Insurance Company / Any creditors who send regular bills Doctors / Dentist / Vets / Schools / Associations / Clubs
Your new home
Plan where everything will go in your new home, maybe by drawing a floor plan that will help movers. Check that door frames and corridor sizes at the new property are wide enough to accommodate your larger items such as wardrobes and settees during your removal.

Always make sure that you read all relevant utility meters in the house before you leave, and ensure that all the utilities have been connected to your new home, in the days before your arrival.

Comparing your Quotations
Are you comparing like for like?, check the insurance offered, packing materials and are other services available, are they really experienced or just a man & a van etc.

Remember that the cheapest quote is not always the best service to select, & of course the most expensive won’t guarantee success either, so make sure you have confidence in the mover you choose, were they helpful & professional during the process, and make sure you read the terms and conditions.

Choose your Mover & Book
Having chosen your mover check if they are still free on that day, if yes confirm your booking in writing straightaway, to avoid disappointment later.

Fridays are often the busiest days for removal companies and usually get booked up quickly so try to avoid agreeing to move on a Friday, the end of the month can also be busy.

If you would like to accept our quotation & book your removal date we offer a fair, first come first served system for the booking of dates. When all is confirmed in writing, then that date is definitely yours!

Unwanted Furniture & other Items for disposal
Decide upon any items that you wish to dispose of before you move, as this is a great time to have a de-clutter & a clear out. Furniture no longer wanted can be offered to friends, colleagues or charities, or we can deliver items to a local auctioneer, or dispose of them at a licensed disposal facility.

Please click here for our Disposal & Clearance services page for more info

Fridge Freezer / Washing Machine
Run down your fridge & freezer contents during the days before Moving. Carefully read & check the notes in your washing machine or dish washer hand book to prepare it safely for movement. Remember if you are planning to dispose of your old fridge/freezer there is now an extra charge made by all authorities for this disposal.
Moving Day
Plan for friends / relatives / colleagues to look after children or any pets on the day of your move. Decide what you need to keep ready & safe on the day of the move, and keep these separate. i.e. keys, important documents, telephone numbers, refreshments, personal valuables etc.

If you are moving a long distance, & with children, leave out some toys & books to keep them entertained. Try to be contactable on the day of your move, in case any issues develop.

Always make sure to read all relevant utility meters in the house you are vacating and ensure that
the utilities have been connected to your new home, the day before your arrival.

Problems or legal delays etc with a planned Removal
Occasionally problems or legal delays completely out of your control can happen with your planned date exchanges etc

In such situations we provide a comprehensive range of storage rooms where all your possessions can immediately be securely stored 24/7 until solutions & new dates have been confirmed. Then your possessions can be redelivered when everything is ready. You can visit the storage during the day to access your items. For more info on our secure storage rooms please click here.

You never know how much stuff you have... until it comes to moving or storing it all!

On behalf of everyone at Fast Forward Group we wish you good luck with your move, & please remember we are just a free phone call away if there are any questions or queries about your removal planning.

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