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You never know how much stuff you have…

until it comes to storing it all!

We hope this Moving into Storage checklist guide helps you prepare for your move & stay in our Secure Storage, and that it will minimise any concerns or stress that some people can associate with Moving or Storing their valued possessions.

Please remember, we want everything to go as smoothly as you do, for the length of your stay in our Storage.

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Arrange a Quotation

For reliability we recommend an established & recommended professional Moving & Storage company. Before getting a quote make sure you’ve decided what is to be stored & what you don’t want to keep & that really should go for Disposal, (we can arrange licensed disposal for you if there are items you don’t want to store, this will reduce the storage space & price).

You may not require as much space as you first think. Make sure you ask about what terms & conditions apply & is the insurance, (if any is provided), appropriate for your personal belongings.

Packing & Materials

If you are unsure how to pack leave it to the professionals, it may cause you an insurance issue if you have packed the items incorrectly and they get damaged.

If you are doing the packing & preparation yourself make sure that you get the materials in time to allow you to make steady progress. Remember, a smooth move to storage needs all the packing to be completed before Moving in Day. Label all your boxes clearly, with the contents & the room they came from, & label any fragile or special items.

What happens about Insurance?

You declare the total value of your goods when we prepare your Storage Quotation, we also advise that you check your home contents insurance cover to see if it can be applied in storage. 

We will provide the cover we charge a small percentage premium based on your monthly invoice amount, included in your Quotation.

If you don’t wish to take our Insurance then Minimum liability will apply, please see Our Liability for Loss or Damage in our Terms & Conditions (click here).

What is the minimum or maximum period for storage rental?

One day is the minimum, and our week is Monday to Sunday, but you can stay for as many years as you want to! We have many long term storage customers who are working abroad, or elsewhere in the UK.

Discounts or Other Offers?

Always ask if there are any discounts or offers when you email/phone us.

Clients who use our removals service or buy our packing materials also get a discount, and we will compete with any other comparable quote that you have.

How often can I get access to my unit?

Our managed storage service is available during our business hours.

What can I do with furniture or other items I don’t want to keep any more?

We are licensed to legally dispose of them for you, & we can include this service in your quotation, or we can deliver them to the charity or re-cycling centre of your choice.

Fast Forward Group provide certificated paper document shredding, confidential waste disposal, waste recycling, secure destruction & disposal of redundant IT equipment, media & data destruction. When critical documents or PC’s and media are outdated, you can safely leave their destruction to us knowing they’ll be handled legally & confidentially.

Moving your furniture

Customers sometimes forget how heavy & awkward their furniture is and also how much room it takes up, until it comes to moving or storing it. If in doubt before moving anything perhaps take a moment to consider all the options & choices before risking a personal injury or causing damage to your furniture.

We can provide you with a range of packing materials to protect your furniture whilst you are packing & preparing for the move out.

Comparing your Quotations

Are you comparing like for like?, What cubic size of space is actually being provided; will your goods really fit safely into that size of unit?; check the insurance offered; reasonable packing material prices?; are they an established & experienced business etc.

Remember that the cheapest quote is not always the best one to select, & the most expensive is not always the best either, so make sure you have confidence in the company you choose, were they helpful & professional during the enquiry & quotation process and of course make sure you read their terms and conditions, as there can be quite a lot of differences.

Preparing your furniture for storage

Any items of furniture that need dismantling for the move should be prepared in advance, and remember to safe keep the fixings / screws / bolts etc. You may have agreed with your mover for them to do this work, if so leave it to them.

How often do I get an invoice?
Once a month payment in advance for the month.
Will there be any hidden extras or other unexplained charges?

No, with Fast Forward everything is confirmed with you in writing before we begin any work. We are an Approved & Recommended Storage company working to high standards using best practice at all times.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay by BACS, or debit card, or standing order, or by cheque, but credit cards are subject to a small admin charge.

Can I change the size of my storage unit up or down if needed?

Yes, you can change your unit size anytime, or take an extra temporary unit.

What shall I do with my Fridge/ Freezer / Washing Machine / Dishwasher?

Run down your fridge/freezer contents during the days before you move it, & check it’s dry inside. You don’t want water leaking out into your storage! Carefully read & check the notes in your machines hand book to prepare it safely for movement.

How do I know my goods will be safe in your storage area?

24/7 Safeguarding Security, every day of the year, complete around the clock protection. No one can enter your Storage Room, unless you give us full written permission. We have high definition CCTV, and extra protection with a Perimeter Beaming System Alarm, there are randomly timed Security Foot Patrols – 24/7.

All individual storage room units are alarmed & have their own unique area security pin number, and All site visitors must report on arrival at Security Barrier & then provide us with a written ‘authority to access’ ID. All our staff are fully checked.

All goods are locked in your area and secure; the building is managed 7 days a week. No one else can have access to your goods unless you have given a prior full written instruction & your nominated visitor presents the correct ID.

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