Moving Office or Home? Check your insurance and that of your removals company

Moving? Check your insurance and that of your removals company

While everyone wants your moving day to go smoothly, there’s no way to 100% guarantee it. With this in mind, there are things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of things going wrong – such as choosing a well-established, trusted and responsible removals company. Once you’ve done this, it’s still worth having some back up. 

One of the biggest things to check out before you go with a removals company is what insurances they have and how you are covered, should anything go wrong. 

For example, here at Fast Forward Removals, we offer insurance coverage up to £50,000, subject to your declaration of the value of your contents. If your belongings have a combined value of over £50,000, you must tell us in writing. Details of our insurances are available here. You could also have extra protection…  

Check your contents insurance

It’s also worth checking your contents insurance, as you may have coverage under ‘contents to be temporarily removed from the home’. You will find that there is also a cap on how high this coverage will go. If this isn’t included in your policy, you may be able to add it on as ‘contents in transit cover’. 

There are some things that your contents policy won’t cover, such as scratches, dings and dents, and fragile items that aren’t professionally packed. You may find that your bike isn’t covered, as well as financial documents such as deeds and bonds, and more valuable items and money.

We would always advise that its best for you to keep financial documents and money with you, whether your insurance covers it or not. 

What does the insurance cover?

In the case of both your well chosen removal company and your contents insurance, your insurance will typically cover accidental loss or damage while being moved. It’s worth checking the excess of your home contents insurance too, just so you’re aware before you get moving. 

Insuring items in storage

Once again, here at Fast Forward Removals, we offer full insurance cover while your items are in storage. Your standard contents insurance is unlikely to cover items in storage, so you can also choose to take out a specialist policy to cover fire, if necessary. 

What could invalidate your insurance coverage? 

If you don’t use a professional licensed removals company, then your contents insurance is unlikely to be valid. 

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We know that there’s enough to worry about when moving. We want you to plan for the best, and safe in the knowledge that we can deliver on that. Whether you are moving your home or your business, we can help. Get in touch to find out more.