Moving office? An opportunity to declutter

Moving office? An opportunity to declutter

No matter how long you’ve been in your current space, there’s no doubt that you will have accumulated some unnecessary items – and there’s little point in spending time or money moving them.

While the cost of office space and a move of unwanted items should be considered, so should the wellness of your employees, who would benefit from an open and inviting space. There’s no doubt that decluttering has many benefits. 

Where to start

The best thing to do initially is to ask employees to clear their own workspaces. Have they accumulated lots of paperwork they no longer need? Are there files around their desks which could be stored elsewhere? Do they have a can of soup in their drawer that went out of date a year ago? This is a golden opportunity for a spring clean. It can also be helpful in terms of employees becoming used to the idea that they will be transitioning to somewhere new. 

Don’t forget GDPR 

It’s best that someone – be they assigned managers within teams or a singular project manager – take responsibility for the disposal of paperwork and files. You are required to keep some data and paperwork for set lengths of time, by law. This will vary depending on the data type. If in any doubt on how to approach the data you hold, please consult a professional. 

Generally, this isn’t a DIY job

While it is tempting to try to save money wherever you can, a move and declutter of your office space is not only far less stressful and time consuming, it’s also a lot less stressful. Moving companies do this all the time, and if you hire the right one, they will be certified for not only GDPR but also the safe disposal of your electrical items. This means that you have a legal paper trail and back up to show that you have done everything you can to uphold requirements in your move. 

Along with decluttering, some removal companies will also offer packing and unpacking services, if you would like to make your move even more seamless and stress-free. 

The biggest things to look out for when choosing a removal company is that they are well-established, fully insured and certified. It’s also worth checking out their online reviews and speaking to anyone else who may have used them, if you get the opportunity.

People will be happy to give your unwanted items a new home

If you would like some further good to come out of your move, there will be charities that will be glad to receive some of your unwanted furniture. A good removal company can often ensure these donations are easy too. 

If you would like to discuss your move or how best to tackle decluttering, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to help with every aspect.