Setting up a new office? Great time to reassess GDPR practices 

Setting up a new office, need removals?

Whether we’re talking about the introduction of GDPR or the move to more remote working, it’s fair to say that the world of work has changed – and that there have been enough articles on that!

When you’re moving to a new office, it’s a good opportunity to remind all your staff of what’s required of them in terms of GDPR. 

A brief reminder of GDPR regulations 

It’s your duty to ensure the security of the data that you hold. Breaches of GDPR include the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, unauthorised disclosure of or access to protected data to people outside the organisation. 

Challenges of hybrid and remote working

No matter where people work, it’s important that GDPR is adhered to. While there are ways for you to lock down and encrypt computers, memory banks and sticks and use two factor authentication apps to login, there’s nothing to stop your employees from exposing their screens. Ideally they’ll be working from home, but they may well be working away on the train on the way there from work. Or in the coffee place over the road, potentially in a virtual meeting, not only sharing their screen but their thoughts vocally in a shared space too. And then of course there is the potential of laptop theft or an employee misplacing. No matter where they may be working, GDPR always needs to be complied with. 

Don’t forget the paperwork 

It’s often easier to read and edit large amounts of data through a print out, rather than on screen.  While there are many ways to protect online data, what people choose to print and what they do with it is harder to control.

How to make data more secure 

If you provide your home workers with secure backpacks or laptop cases, this could make a great difference in the eyes of GDPR should their devices be lost or stolen. This can be used to transport both electrical devices and paperwork. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all guidance from GDPR. The most important thing is that your employees eel that they have been protected accordingly and given the right tools to keep data safe. 

Moving offices are an opportunity for a GDPR fresh start

A change in the permanent base brings a great opportunity for people to reassess how they work everywhere. You can do this in stages: 

  1. Communicate that while cleaning out their workspaces, ensure that any paperwork they don’t actually need for their work function is shredded and disposed of securely. 
  2. Create paperwork with hybrid working rules on, reminding people that they are responsible or the data they are handling and also liable, should there be a breach. Detail what you expect of them, in terms of shielding screens and securing documents in transit. 
  3. Provide your team with the tools to keep documents and electrical items secure, such as lockable backpacks and laptop cases. 
  4. Ask employees if they can foresee any issues in retaining GDPR compliance in the new office, with their future work setup. 

GDPR is everyone’s responsibility. If you would like to discuss how to keep your organisation compliant during a move or in a new office set up, please get in touch.